Registration Levels Fall-Spring 2018/2019

Birth Year 18/19

2000 - 2004 U16-19U - 9th grade - 12th grade
2004 15U
2005 14U
2006 13U
2007 12U
2008 11U
2009 10U
2010 9U
2011 8U
2012 7U
2013 6U
2014 5U
2015 4U
2016 3U

Roaring Fork Valley Soccer Club
Post Office Box 222
Carbondale, CO 81623

RFVSC is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational organization
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The lightning protocol is this:

  • If you hear thunder, be prepared.
  • If there are lightning strikes visible on any of the surrounding hills (Crown Mountain, Basalt Mountain, Light Hill, Arbaney-Kittle or any Carbondale locations) please stop playing immediately and either get in a car or under the shelter of a building. At Crown Mountain the best place it the entry of the Eagle County Building and at Willits it is the park bathrooms. The Crown Picnic area is acceptable as well but not the best. At RVR and Hendricks there are the picnic tables, again not the best but its better than trees. Minors has picnic tables, North Face try to get in cars or cancel practice. Third Street Center please go inside the building.
  • Do not return to the field until there have been no lightning strikes in the area for at least 15 minutes (you should probably cancel regardless).
  • If there is any emergency, call 911.

One good tip! Please download the app WEATHER BUG. You can use their map feature to see where the lightening.